Lance Schmale is versatile, visionary artist who goes under pseudonym of SyLance.

His work is an eclectic mix of different styles and techniques, inspired by cultures around the world. They always have a warm, organic and handpainted feel to them, which reflects joy and peace. During his creative process, the music he listens to elevates him to a place where his mind is silent. Through a strong focus, there he feels the freedom to channel psychedelic art into his illustrations, to share with the world.

Through his journey as an artist as a child he once sold one of his little works for 100 guilders on an art market, and bought a Furby of these first earnings. Growing up in an artist family, he was surrounded by mysterious paintings of angels and goddesses, symbols and signs. As an academic he started out as a game artist, but grew to become skilled in a wide variety of techniques. Since he has applied these to make concept art for character design, lancescapes and animation. His psychedelic and worldly style still resonates through both his work in multidisciplinary projects, on commission and on his own accord.

Currently he is the lead designer for Timberboards, where he makes longboards come to life with colorful creatures.